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Yes, MineMarket CTRM allows for metal concentrates to be managed, together with refined products. 

MineMarket CTRM allows you to optimize the commercial value of your stocks through providing flexible blend parameters and having a blend action plan with actuals tracking.

Yes, MineMarket CTRM can link directly with your ERP and can be configured to auto-post to a defined chart of accounts.

Yes, MineMarket CTRM provides a live view of P&L and is able to notify of any deviations immediately. 

MineMarket CTRM is configured so that there is an immediate impact through all departments with each execution step.

Yes, MineMarket CTRM has the ability to quickly & smoothly manage your debtors and creditors from pro-forma to final invoice.

MineMarket CTRM has a comprehensive logistics management module, covering routes, loading/unloading, lotting/sampling and assay exchange.

MineMarket CTRM provides for detailed traceability back to the originator.

Yes, MineMarket CTRM provides a contract module that allows for flexible contract terms and is easy to configure.  It can handle Sales, Purchase, INTERCO, Freight & Service contracts. 

MineMarket CTRM has a range of standard reports including cash flow forecast, trading position, credit exposure.  It also allows for custom reports and queries to be generated. 

The price is variable and depends on your company’s needs, including any customisations and implementation. We’re happy to discuss this with you and provide pricing once we understand your needs. 

Yes, take a look at how Advaita Group DMCC used MineMarket CTRM to improve outcomes for their business. 

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